Cradle Cap

home remedies and natural cures

Want to cure cradle cap naturally? Finding home remedies and natural cures that work with organic baby skin care is the best plan when looking for a toxin-free treatment.

Appearing as flaky skin or yellow, oily and crusted patches on baby’s scalp, cradle cap is easy to recognize.

While this skin condition that is more unsightly than it is painful - it can become worse when left untreated.

Organic Oil Remedies

Tea Tree and Almond Oil

Adding a very small amount of tea tree oil to almond oil is a great way to get the skin-healing benefits of tea tree oil. Working with pure tea tree oil is not recommended but a low concentration will not be harsh on your baby's skin.

Use an almond to tea tree oil ratio of 10 to 1.

After you've made your oil mixture, gently massage the oil into the baby's scalp. After 10-15 minutes use a fine toothed comb or a soft brush to comb out the flakes.

Use a gentle, organic baby shampoo to wash the dirty oil off following the treatment.

Tea tree oil can be irritable to the skin so be especially careful when using around your baby's eyes.

Coconut and Olive Oil

Many moms say when it comes to treating cradle cap, mostly any oil will do. An old home remedy is olive oil - maybe because it is usually always on hand in the kitchen cupboard!

A popular treatment today is organic coconut oil. This is something you can get right in your grocery store or natural health food store.

Organic coconut oil is easy to work with because it is solid at room temperature but melts nicely by just the warmth of your hands.

Where can I buy these natural oils?

You can find many of these oils in your local health food store or in the natural section of your grocery store.

But if you like the convenience of shopping at home (like me!) I have a shopping page where you can purchase all of these oils here...

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Happy shopping, green mama!

A relaxing treatment...

Treating time can be a very relaxing experience for both you and your baby.

Start by dampening your baby's head with a warm wet cloth. Gently rub the organic oil treatment in (remember, your baby still has a soft head - so go very gently on the scalp for their little head massage!)

Use the smallest side of a comb (or a lice/flea comb) and gently comb in the opposite direction of the scales, getting under them to raise them and comb them away.

This whole process is very relaxing and soothing to babies and your baby will enjoy it too!

Once you are done, wash the excess oil off and pat them dry. You will immediately notice a dramatic difference!

How long does it last?

Cradle cap usually disappears on its own after a few months. Sometimes it will go away and recur in patches later but generally babies grow out of it around 8 - 12 months old.

The worst part is just that it is unsightly. It is not caused from allergies or poor hygiene so don't worry about that. It will usually go away on it's own and even faster with some of these natural cures and home remedies.

While it does not cause too much discomfort to your baby, it can in severe cases become itchy and even spread to other areas. It is a great idea to address cradle cap right away as a preventative measure - before it spreads to other areas such as the face, armpits and diaper area.

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